finally yay. i’ve been in the “process” of starting up olive and otto for some time now, and there always seems to be something that gets in the way.  i guess that’s how life rolls when you’re a mom of 5 kids, one of which is only 5 months old. so now, i’m starting (the yay)… posting as much as i can, and sharing this fantastical life with all of you out there!

some tidbits about me… i live in california, the state where i was born, and the state that i love.  and i live a mile from the beach.  what could be better?! 🙂 i’ve been married to my favorite person for 16 years this summer, and we have 5 amazings that i’ll be sharing lots about.  i also have lots of luvs besides my charming little family… design, baking (1st), cooking (2nd), photos, magazines, chocolate, dancing, friends, gatherings, & anything creative. because i find that i’m always reading and getting inspired by someone else, my hope is that i can be inspiring to others too.  whatever it is you love to do please comment and i’ll be more than happy to comment back.

the world of blogs is astounding, so in the midst of all the other great inspiration, i hope i can catch some of y’all’s (yes, i do wish i was from the south just a bit) attention and establish some great friendships along the way!  yay finally.
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